Synonyms of Awesome is an independent VEX IQ robotics club based in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Our official team number is 50252A. If you live in the Richmond area and want to know how you can start a VEX IQ robotics club through your school or on your own, contact our pals at RVA Robotics. Our objectives are simple. Learning. Fun. Teamwork. Fun. Sportsmanship. More fun. Thanks for checking out our website. Stay awesome.

SOA wins first tournament of the 2019-2020 season

Synonyms of Awesome traveled to Manassas on November 9 for our first tournament of the season at All Saints Catholic School. We ended up not only winning the tournament with our teamwork partner, All Saints Team 63876A, but we also won the Design Award for best notebook and robot design — the first time we’ve won that award in four seasons. Looking forward to our next tournament back home at Huguenot High School on December 7.

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