Synonyms of Awesome is an independent VEX IQ robotics club based in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Our official team number is 50252A. If you live in the Richmond area and want to know how you can start or join a VEX IQ robotics club, contact our pals at RVA Robotics and RoboKai. Our objectives are simple. Learning. Fun. Teamwork. Fun. Sportsmanship. More fun. Thanks for checking out our website. Stay awesome.

SOA moves into 1st place in World Skills rankings

Synonyms of Awesome posted a combined Robot Skills score of 218 (118 in driver skills and 100 in programming) at the 2020 USPTO Qualifier in Alexandria, pushing us up to the #1 position in the World Skills rankings for the middle school division. This is the first time we’ve been ranked 1st in the world in four years of competition. We also won Teamwork and Excellence at the tournament. Our next stop is the Virginia State Championships on March 7. It’s going to be exciting!

World Standings

Finals match at 2019 States