Synonyms of Awesome is an independent VEX IQ robotics club based in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Our official team number is 50252A. If you live in the Richmond area and want to know how you can start a VEX IQ robotics club through your school or on your own, contact our pals at RVA Robotics. Our objectives are simple. Learning. Fun. Teamwork. Fun. Sportsmanship. More fun. Thanks for checking out our website. Stay awesome.

SOA overcomes rough fields at States

There was some tough competition at States this year, but few opponents were tougher than the fields themselves, which were uneven and wreaked havoc on programming skills for everyone. But thanks to many hours spent configuring sensors, we were able to build a program that could self-correct on bad fields. As a result, we posted the highest programming run of the day — a 77. Combined with our driver skills run, we finished the year with a 205 in combined Skills, putting us 4th in the state among middle school IQ teams. While probably not enough to earn us a spot at Worlds this year, it’s something to be proud of. Best of all, we’re really starting to master the sensors, which will help us in the future.

WTVR’s Rob Cardwell features Synonyms of Awesome on his “Building Better Minds” segment

While many elementary school aged kids are playing with toy robots, these guys are making them. And they're AWESOME!Check out how this small robotics club got started in this week's Building Better Minds.And check out this link to see how you can help them go to a national competition!

Posted by Rob Cardwell - WTVR CBS 6 on Thursday, March 16, 2017